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Start getting books for your kids!  Each age and season in their lives is a precious, and brief, "window in time," when you want them to be basking in the very best books.  You can now join the Florida library, below!  We are taking a step of faith with the dues amounts, since the actual costs will be much higher.  Hopefully, we will find generous donors!

1)  SELECT YOUR DUES FREQUENCY by choosing either Monthly or Annual buttons below. 
       a)  Annual option (at membership level of your choice, see below) also payable via check or cash. 
       b)  Annual membership offers 3-month Trial option. 
       c)  Monthly option available only by auto-debit below.

2)  SELECT YOUR MEMBERSHIP LEVEL in pull-down menus below (Annual and Monthly options).
       a) Basic  (Access to all blue/brown labeled-books, the majority of the collection).
       b) Extended  (Access to all blue/brown labeled-books, AND the extra yummy/valuable purple-labeled books.
       c) ADD Five-in-a-Row totes  (Add FIAR take-home totes to Basic or Extended for just $16.00/month.)
       d) Five-in-a-Row ONLY  (If you wish to use only the FIAR totes, and no regular library books.)

Quick Instructions for "buttons" below:  1) PayPal account NOT necessary.  2)  Do not log into PayPal when asked, UNLESS you wish for dues to be supplied through PayPal account funds or bank account debit.  3)  If you wish for credit/debit card to be debited monthly, look for *small* hyperlink offering that option *below* the yellow "Log In" button under the lower-right corner of dialogue box which will open when you begin sign-up below; again avoid logging into PayPal account, and proceed directly to entering card info (which only you will see, not us); ignore request after completion to set up PayPal account, since unnecessary.  Thank you!

Monthly Membership Option
Annual Membership Options

If you'd like to donate extra funds to help with start-up expenses, we would all be very grateful.  All gifts are tax-deductible!