Living Learning Libraries

Where kids want to read, learn, and be inspired!

Why a special living books library for our children?  And, what exactly is a living book?

Imagine a book so life-filled that it "captures attention, secures interest," and "arouses something noble in the heart of the child, without any effort on the part of the teacher or the taught."  Sound like what you want your kids to read? 

Now, imagine thousands upon thousands of such books--a vivid shared experience at the heart of family memories, character, and learning--and you have a living books library, such as we have in Traverse City, Michigan (since 1995),  inspiring children & teens there through our 20,000 rare volumes.  But...we are now open in Florida also! TO JOIN/BORROW BOOKS FROM THE NEW PALM/MARTIN, FL, LIBRARY, CLICK HERE!

These living books, now rare, were common in the "Golden Age of Youth Literature," the 1930s-1960s.  Truly top-notch authors and outstanding artists then created rich book-gems for youths (PreK-Gr. 12) on creamy paper and with generous, peaceful spacing.  They were treasures!  So, they shaped earlier generations with character, meaningfulness, content, and depth -- easily vivifying all branches of academic knowledge, and inspiring heroism and patriotism effortlessly through stirring biography and historical fiction.  As one Florida father commented, "Something is different about these books.  They have fired my son like nothing else!"

Ah, but as our nation has changed, so too has youth literature.  Pop culture now has a different view of children and of education.

No matter what the talking heads say now, we know that children are first hearts to be inspired through the best writing.  And what writing do we all love?  Story!  Doesn't almost every speaker begin his or her presentation with an anecdote?  Likewise, through narrative, even the most academic topics come vividly to life, making for deeply engaging forays into history, science, math, engineering, philosophy, the humanities, geography, biography, etc. 

Capture the heart, and you've captured the head too, for out of the heart, a person wills, thinks, synthesizes, and speaks...putting the brain to good use.  Living books accomplish both, but it is most important to cause the heart to care, to drink in, to pour out, to give effort.  This is the root of learning and character!

Is this how you would describe your children's current books?  Or, are they instead the usual modern fare which is so reductionist in its view of children and learning that the books are factoidy, and the text is thus separated into bits of data-download for merely cerebral input?  Do inexpensive photos or computer graphics dominate the page, in order to make up for the lack of interest due to non-narrative writing?  Is the book fragmented into separate, two-page spreads or countless text boxes to hopefully gain reader toleration?  Then the writing alone does not likely draw in the student...  Kids are not usually fooled!  Do they want to read them?  Are they inspired by them?

If you are making careful decisions about your kids' education, please consider the reading materials so equally crucial to the development of their hearts and minds.  They should be truly rich in content and inspired in their view of the child as a learner.  Their books should be living!

So, join us!

Our Palm Beach/Martin County, Florida library (Jupiter) is now lending!   Click here to join and begin borrowing!  Already, we are open three days a week, plus Saturdays by appointment.  Both members and interested parties are welcome to visit!

We have kept the membership dues well below actual cost, to make membership possible for maximal families.  Plus, your dues are tax-deductible because we are a 501(c)(3).  We are also praying for donors and donated space.

Not only will your membership provide thousands of top-notch resources for your learners, but will also save you the high cost and heavy effort of trying to unearth and purchase the best books for each subject yourself.  Moreover, you will also benefit from Michelle's 21+ years of expertise in book selection for each topic, learning style, age, gender, and well as her embedded insight on the educational journey of your family.  (Michelle has been a "living books" librarian for 21+ years, plus a personal home education consultant, magazine writer, columnist, speaker, and award-winning curriculum writer.)

With membership, you have access to these thousands of expensive, rare living books (on every academic topic, plus picture-books, fiction, etc.) for less than the cost of a few, new, twaddly books printed in China!  Seeing is believing--not just the library, but also the surprising impact of these books in engaging your students in learning and virtue.  Feel free to preview during our open hours, or by appointment!

We are also considering two other Living Learning Libraries in Pittsburgh, PA, Raleigh, NC.  Join our Facebook page, Instagram, or  email list to be notified in these areas.