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The Richest & Most Successful Entry to Home Education...
"Five-in-a-Row" Curriculum!

A Wonderful Start!    We'd love to ease your entry into education for young children (whether prior to institutional or home education).  You're in for a treat, in our opinion, a lovely, soaring, joyous experience beyond your imagination, both in relationship and learning!  Let go of stress.  Relax into the award-winning Five-in-a-Row curriculum.

Snuggle!    Snuggle on the couch, in the hammock, around the table, or on a blanket in the shade, and let each Five-in-a-Row (FIAR) manual lead exploration of specific, beloved, children's books in a surprisingly thorough way.   You'll cover the "academic subjects" on your to-do list (history, geography, science, English, and math) more richly than you'd dream, going to fascinating places and times: the Arctic, Renaissance Venice, the cotton fields of a slave girl, China's Yangtze River, Russia, 1910's France, the Spice Islands, etc.  Plus, you'll bask in art and the beauty of language, a crucial element of education!

Ready-to-Go Home With You!    We make it easy.  We've prepared take-home totes, with the main book covered in each FIAR unit, and--uniquely--a "living book" for those many subjects brought out by the FIAR manuals.  We can do this because we're a "living books" library, with oodles of the best and rarest book gems available.  Here's a chance to dig in to many!

How to Get Started!   Two easy steps...

     1)    Purchase your FIAR manual (  It is rightfully copyrighted.  Our totes won't make sense without you owning FIAR's brilliant manuals.  FIAR also offers supplementary resources, such as a Bible & Character aid.

     2)    Join our library, choosing an option which includes Five-in-a-Row totes.  You can select FIAR-Only...or regular library membership+FIAR so you can enjoy all our resources. 

Relax...and Succeed!    You'll have a lovely foundational experience in early or home-education.  The children absorb the most important lessons: they are created to learn, books are treasures, reading is fun, learning is rewarding & relational, as Charlotte Mason expresses.  (Note: "Before-Five-in-a-Row" is for ages 2-4, and "Five-in-a-Row" is for ages 4-8.)  Your early-education will be thorough, enriching, successful, and enjoyable.  Find out why everyone raves!  You'll be glad you did!


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